Humans Are Greedy

Humans are greedy.
Always are, always will.

If we lost the person that we love the most.
Or we lose the ability to get up from bed,
we will wish to see that person one more time
even for a brief second.
We wish to be able to stand up tall, to walk even one step.

But believe it or not,
after those things are granted to us,
we would want more and more, and even more time and step.

I don't know about you,
but I am greedy that way.



Past That Haunt

The past are like nightmares.
Or like your high school arch nemesis.
They haunt you before.
As time flies,
they will find a way to haunt you again.



I miss the Daffodils

I want to go back there again
Where I found comfort and solace
Where life is filled with lights and rainbows
Where fields of yellow daffodils made my day

I want to go back there again
Where I was alone but never lonely
Where I am free, independent and  unrestrained
Where I could go home, sheltered, unhurt and safe.



I can sit down all day long, watching you;
be drown in the silence between us,
but I can see my heart bleeds in the end;
I don't mind for a short walk though.