mengetis sisa-sisa luka,
dalam sebotol kaca yang berdinding legap.
ditutup mati, supaya tak tertumpah di mana-mana.
kemudian layarkan sahaja ia
di atas kapal kertas kecil,
yang sesaat lagi akan ditimbus ombak.

karam, entah di mana.

(bila engkau sudah terlalu penat, biarkan saja sehingga sendiri terlupa.)


The Calm After

Anticipation was driving me insane
Just the thought of it left me enchained
It kept on playing in my head, feeding my hunger
Waiting for that moment of us together.

My mind went blank
I just went crazy
My body turned warm, my heart went frenzy
And in that moment, I turned all dreamy
wanting to taste each and every moment slowly
a rhythm played in my head, joining the beat
we danced as one, sensually to the heat
savouring it all, I surrendered myself
to the warmth and desire
into the deepest pleasure.

The calm after swept over me
As I gave in one last time
My mind was empty, my heart went crazy
as I tried to breathe in the mystical ecstasy
The stars witnessed a night of passion
and the intensity of desire, love and devotion.



Maybe get a ribbon, tie it to my hand
At the end of my fingers, I can no longer stand
Maybe hook me up, drag me above the waves
This final breath will bring us to an end,
to you, it's not fair

You got a scissor, I'm pulling the string
Cut in the middle and we crash into the wall

Sing in sadness, turn off the lights
We have come to the end
We have come to the end.


Sleeping to Dream

As I lay myself to sleep at night
I look out to the sky and pray to God
that I would not wake up and continue to dream
A dream of you and me

And I will continue sleeping
A sleep and a dream
About you, about me,
About us being free

And tonight, like every other night
I sleep to dream, a dream of you
and me...



Everyone is living
in between their dreams and the reality
The kid inside us is crying
He miss his playful evening.

Unlock the door
Open the window
Let him out
the sad kid in your heart.

There's hope for every lost child,
there's always a hope for everyone.