The Calm After

Anticipation was driving me insane
Just the thought of it left me enchained
It kept on playing in my head, feeding my hunger
Waiting for that moment of us together.

My mind went blank
I just went crazy
My body turned warm, my heart went frenzy
And in that moment, I turned all dreamy
wanting to taste each and every moment slowly
a rhythm played in my head, joining the beat
we danced as one, sensually to the heat
savouring it all, I surrendered myself
to the warmth and desire
into the deepest pleasure.

The calm after swept over me
As I gave in one last time
My mind was empty, my heart went crazy
as I tried to breathe in the mystical ecstasy
The stars witnessed a night of passion
and the intensity of desire, love and devotion.


nagalrak said...

nice. :)

Hope said...

our minds can do wonders :)

Sloeko loe said...

cantik. =)

MrWickedSoul said...

ouh.patut la lama tak nampak di PPP, rupanya posting di sini.there are only a few good English poet over there, and you are one of them.hye! =)