Little One

Little one..
It's raining outside
and here I am looking out the window
trying to breathe in the smell of rain
feeling those little drops on my hands
thanking God for showering this blessing

It's raining outside
and this feeling of sadness swept across my heart
strange how it took control over me
and here I am staring at the rain
thinking about him
those tiny fingers
those scrawny legs
those hunched shoulders
is he safe?
is he warm?
is he sheltered?
where are you little one?

It's raining outside
and here I am praying
take care of him dear God
keep him safe and warm
for he's in need of You
bless him as you've blessed us
shield him from the stormy clouds
shelter him from the cruel world

It is still raining outside
and I am thinking of you little one..

* a tribute to those homeless kids roaming around the streets of Chow Kit


nagalrak said...

did you went to the exhibition? :)

Hope said...

i wanted to.. didn't have the time. did you?

MrWickedSoul said...

praying to God for those homeless, and you did say you dont believe in anything.Hehe. Dont worry, Miss. Everything will be just fine if you have faith =)