ME? LAME. =(

Actually I am a kind of person with full of ideas. But I don’t know why, now, I can’t even think of something interesting instead of, eating? Yup~! I can’t stop chewing. My mouth is never been emptied. “Ada ja benda nk kunyah!” Gosh! Another few weeks I will turn into a fat-ass ugly creature with long hair. Hahaha…

Suddenly I miss my family. My abah, umi, kakak, and adik-adik. Wonder what they have been doing now? Kakak just SMS'ed me, telling me how much she is missing me.(aku tipu ja ni, bertuah la sgt dia nak gtau yang dia rindu aku. hahaha). She is trying to pamper me as I am going to teach English in an elite school. Deymm it! Sangat mencuakkan. And also to think on an interesting and creative lesson plan everyday. Arghhhh! Penat sial! I feel like screaming out loud and jump off the highest peak of KL tower. Buat bungee jumping ka. Menarik! hahaha...

Whatever it is, I still manage to produce a poem entitled "TEARS".

My tears didn’t fall last night,

I’ve tried to make it fall,

Even a drop, I failed,

I have been heartless,

Upon the warm hand that held mine before,

Upon the tender lips that kissed mine before,

Upon the figure that I’d been desired before,

Where all the passion goes?

Why am I no longer hunger for lust and love?


I am being heartless.

p/s: Thx again to Hope for inviting me to join this blog and 'mencurahkan' sedikit sumbangan. Nice one Hope!

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Hope said...


i like your thoughts and your poems and your rants

it was my pleasure :)